Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hey I can dive now!

After 3 mths of procrastination and busy schedule, I am finally a certified nooby diver! Thanx so much to Angie for recommending Mako Sub Aquatics dive centre and Juanhui for introducing me so many good dive centres to choose from.

This entry has nothing to do with my blog theme (as the dive is in Pulau Dayang) but I thought it be great to share my marvellous trip.

Have to give credit to some friends who make the trip enjoyable.

Fellow students and room buddies: Tong Fung, Crystal, Wee Keong, Nicholas, me and Diana

Nicholas, the Tuas causeway policeman, thanx for making me feel comfortable throughout the trip!

And of cos my personal instructor Sean ;p And others in Mako, Kiat and KL

The water is soo pristine! Can even see the reefs at the shore.

panoramic view overlooking Pulau Aur, the neighboring island

The rest of the underwater picts were provided by Nicholas. Cant wait to get my own casing! Wallet will really have a big hole after that.

Me, Diana and Sean

Some selected pictures of the marine creatures we saw.

Anemone fishes are quite common. They are so cute!

The infamous crown of thorns starfish, a textbook example of causing great harm to corals since they feed on them. The spines can sting and prick a diver, causing pain and swelling.

My first time seeing and holding a cushion star. Never had any luck seeing at the intertidals so far. Damn huge man!

Saw about 4 moray eels throughout my dives. They were rather small and Kiat went to feed them with some fish food.

Sea fans? Doesnt it look majestic?

Tons of fishies around.

Of cos, theres more to see than just this. As I recall, also saw many huge sea cucumbers, feather stars, colorful christmas tree worms, many many corals and what I thought is a blue dragon nudibranch! Considering this is only my course, a lesiure trip will probably yield much more. Heard they even saw a shark! I dun think anyone will get enough of diving once they get the hang of it (I kinda freak out a few times during some of the drills...opps)

Going diving with the lab tml! Heard so many bad stories about Singapore's visibility. But was so eager to try out my new mask :) Wohoo...


juanicths said...

Nevermind the entry not fitting the theme. Welcome to the diving community!!! So how did you find diving in Singapore? Sorry about not being able to join you today; was feverish.

p/s. now you can feel free to join BWV's ReefFRIENDS branch, and do surveys to provide data on our reefs ^^

TS said...

Hehe, lemmi clock my 20 dives first. Woa...today shiok ar, vis not bad, see lotsa of cute fishies!

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