Tuesday, May 1, 2007

HELP TO DONATE! ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre

Recieved an email from someone a few days back with a heading "need your help". I must admit I almost thought it was a spam mail (sorry for my mistake), as I had been bugged by spam for almost the entire semester. Seems like those spamz have evolved to overcome my yahoo spam blocker. Damn.

Anyway, lucky I din delete the mail and found out to my surprise its from ACRES! As all might have known, ACRES is building a wildlife centre (it was reported in the news last time) and is currently raising funds to build it. For people who don't know ACRES, it stands for Animal Concerns Research and Education Society and is a registered charity in Singapore.

The main purpose, besides many other things are to help house confiscated wildlife from the illegal wildlife trade. Currently many illegal wildlife confiscated in Singapore have to be put down due to lack of housing. The ACRES wildlife rescue centre (AWRC) will help provide the housing needed to save the lives of hundreds of animals. It will also help to serve as an educational platform to promote awareness of conservation and illgeal wildlife trade.

ACRES will need 1 million dollars for this project. They have almost reach half the amount but they will need more then this to achieve the full amount! So please help to contribute some money to help! A little like $10 will do, it wun kill you, I'm sure of that. But of cos the more the better (dun compare ur income to me cos I'm still a student) :p If you can donate money for kidney failure or handicap people, you can do the same to these animals. They deserve a right to live as any of us.

And hey, I just donated $10 also. :) So hope anyone reading this will also follow suit and give some. At least get some good Karma for future returns. You won't regret it.

There are more information on the rescue centre
This is the donation page. Just use a mastercard to pay for it, 5 minutes done. For people who dun own a credit card like me, just use ur normal POSB debit card will do.


Anonymous said...

Do not understand why the govt can spend like over SGD200 million dollars on that ferry wheel and not help out more on this.Perhaps they have already subsidised a substantial amt, or that they do not wish to have more upcoming charity organisations to ask them for subsidy.

TS said...

Well, animals cant vote for them during GE right? ;p Just kidding

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