Nature maps

This page features Google Maps to highlight some interesting nature spots in Singapore.

When using the maps in your computer, double left click to zoom in and double right click to zoom out. You can also drag the map to shift its position. When using the maps in your IPhone or IPad, simple pinching and expanding will help to zoom in and out. Click on the markers to obtain more detailed information.

Location of Urban Figs in Singapore

This resource is mainly for birders. Firstly, use the map to find a mature fig near you. Switch to Satellite (Sat) view to see exactly where the tree is since each marker is plotted directly on its canopy. Wait for the tree to produce its ripe figs and marvel at the bird diversity when they rush to feast on the fruits.

Ficus microcarpa Ficus benjamina Ficus religiosa Ficus elastica Other Ficus TOTAL
13 6 6 5 7 37

The table above shows the number of Ficus species being recorded in the map thus far. Because of the dynamic land-use change in Singapore and the extensive spread of all these trees, I will be unable to verify whether any of them have been removed. Thus, It will be greatly appreciated if you can send me an email upon seeing any discrepancies.

Last updated: 20 Jun 2012

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