Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sentosa...Marine life to give way for IR

Back to Sentosa for for another day. Really tired cos watching Survivor outlast yest night (best series ever!) ended up slping for 1 h plus...Gee... Plus all those itching from mosquito bites, hard to slp too.

Will do a short entry on animals other than corals since covered most of that yesterday.
A cowrie found by kok sheng. Something new I learnt fr Juanhui's blog is that its nice shiny and smooth shell is due to its mantle covering the whole shell. They feed on algae and seaweeds.

A brown egg crab trying to hide in the rock cervice. Egg crabs are posionous and should not be eaten.

The first time seeing a flounder in Singapore. But a pity its a dead one, entangled in a drift net. Drift nets just entangle everything along its path so dun use it to fish! Just use a fishing rod la. Thats the spirit of the sport too right?

It is also known as flatfish for obvious reasons. The unique thing about flatfishes is that it has its 2 eyes on one side. This helps in locating food since it feeds by ambushing at the sea floor.

Beautiful flatworm

Carpet anemone

How many sunrise can these animals see?

Going CJ tml. Starting to feel the fatigue setting in lao~~ O_O

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