Friday, May 25, 2007

Cannons at HDB?

Was walking around the neighborhood looking for a bicycle shop. Thinking of purchasing one even though my parents was violently against it, which I cant understand till now. haiz...

That aside, I came by this wayside tree and its large pink flowers caught my eye. They looked marvellous! And the interesting thing is that they sprout out all at the main trunk under the canopy, which makes the sight more amazing.

Consulted my Nparks 1001 garden plants guidebk and it turned out to be called the cannonball tree (Couroupita guianensis) introduced from tropical America. Interesting name right? But why is it called cannonball?

The fruits of this tree actually look like cannonball! Unfortunately, there wasnt any fruits there now for a sample picture but I remembered one of the nature blogs did showcased it. Anyone know where so I can link it?

Update >> Thanx to Samson for providing the pictures :) Look at those cannonballs! 

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