Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy the Puppy

I'm sooooooooo glad exams are finally over. I had been pretty drained in this semester physically and mentally, now finally can recuperate in this 3 mths holiday. Went over to girl's house straight after my last eco paper to see her, and her new pet, a small puppy. The story of this puppy is pretty long, and if u care to read, here it is.

Happy, the brown puppy

Girl's sisters first found two dogs, male and female at the void deck of their flat. Apparently abandoned, they were sorta adopted by the sisters and her father brought these 2 dogs to their grandpa's farm where they still are staying there now. These 2 dogs, a male and female, gave birth to 4 puppies, of which 2 died and the other 2 survived well till now. As you guessed it, one of the 2 which survived is Happy, the brown puppy (male) above and the other is also called Happy, a white puppy (female) (no idea why they have the same name). They could have stayed in the farm happily with their parents if not for this weird person who work in the farm having a distaste for dogs and will threaten to harm them (not sure if i'm correct on this but should be close). Left with no choice, their dad (the human dad) brought the 2 puppies home to stay with them and girl and sisters were ecstatic. But, it was time for white puppy to leave as it was promised previously to be given to another family to look after. But I guess it was also more practical for girl to take care of just one. And so now, happy, the brown puppy is left alone, separated from his sister and parents. I wonder if he is truly happy now.

But it does seem to have some happy moments....
Biting a model of himself, a dog soft toy.

Sniffing at my smelly socks

Tired after all the playing, it fell aslp just like that. And girl cover it with a cloth to avoid catching cold

Really, really extremely adorable doggy. Aside from the fact that it just urine and shit anywhere, it was truly a great companion. Aside from this, I hope people can reliased how serious the issue of abandonment is. If not for girl's family, Happy's parents wouldnt have survived and Happy wouldnt have been born. Besides this, the treatment of humans towards animals is also unacceptable, like that guy in the farm. I remember reading a post from Cats from East Coast Park abt this guy stomping his feet just to frighten the cats for fun. Some extracts from her posting:

"If a child commits such an act, we can attribute it to a lack of education. But as this act was committed by a fully-grown adult, I find such it highly abhorrent.

If one is afraid of the animal, he or she could have just avoided it and walked in another direction. There is no need to incite fear in a helpless being as this is tantamount to abuse where animals are frightened needlessly and deliberately.

Just because we are many times bigger and more powerful than animals do not imply that we are the sole inhabitants of the city. As stray cats live in public space face much insecurity, members of the public who witness such acts should stop the perpetuator immediately. Only then can we claim to have “progressed” as a nation."

Some other pictures from Girl's blog showing Happy's other family members:
Post #1 & #2 (the two ''Happy'' puppies)
Post #3 (the parents, both called lucky)

Mmm, I thought I might just help to ask, does anyone know how to toilet train a puppy dog?


Anonymous said...

yup the story is almost there :)another reason for not keeping both puppies is because there will be too many doggies for us to handle :p

Ivan said...

How to toilet train a puppy?

Lots and lots of patience, firm reprimands when the puppy makes a mistake, and rewards when it gets it right. It took me nearly months to paper-train my dog.

Anonymous said...

awww so cute! what breed is happy?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the dog is not mine so I'm not v sure of it~ Apologises

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