Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Garang warriors at CJ Day 3, transect

Was rather prepared to get down right dirty and thirsty today but it was more than what I expected. Today was my 3rd day at Chek Jawa; me & Kok sheng's 5th consecutive intertidal trip; and today marks his first transect for his project. Today is also the international day for biodiversity! Heard its a public holiday in other countries... Y not here? It will be good to declare such meaningful holiday and create awareness.

Besides me and KS, there were also 3 of his friends who came to help out. A few back out last minute, giving him more headache to the already lack of manpower. I almost didnt wake up in time cos forgotten to set my alarm. Lucky my bio clock did its work.

Me reading GPS. I was rather stunned to hear Ria telling us at Changi point terminal (beachfleas going Sekudu at the same day) that this handy and tiny GPS has an error rate of 10m! Erm...I will pretend not to hear that.

My parther Khairul, meticulously taking the eastings to line the transect line. He was one garang warrior, not bringing any pants or footwear to change and kept getting his feet stuck in the mud at the seagrass lagoon. The only way to get out of it was to dig out his foot using bare hands. Lucky I have my trusty booties...

Raymond, another from team seagrass and weilin, the other pair taking the remaining 3 transects out of the 6. Weini was the 2nd garang warrior, also frequently getting stuck in the mud. Heard that she even fell down on the mud! But she kept on the positive side and her hearty nature brought some warmth to our tiredness.

And of cos our captain, KS running here and there to monitor and assist us. Heheh, u took this photo urself KS? Looks really imposing.

Wading through the muddy intertidals. My high ankled booties totally sunk inside.

Team seagrass gave us the fundamentals for doing the transect so it wasnt that hard. Btw sorry for not attending monitoring sessions for so long.

Din have the time luxury and time to go exploring today but we did some random shots. Here was a dog having some fun running about the far end of CJ shores.

Thick black smoke raising out from Changi. KS thought some accident had occured at the airport and I thought I might just take a picture to sell to the press ;p

A sudden thunderstorm just after we finished everything but nevertheless, still soaked.

Spent quite a long time cleaning and untangling the measuring tapes...

All in all, an extremely tiring, hot and wet day for us but a rewarding treat of fried horfun from KS makes me forgot about it. :) Got a nice dark tan too, but I was rather displeased by the bra lining look-alike tan that was form from wearing my singlet. =_= Have to wait for the next diving trip to even it.

Thanx to KS for providing most of the photos. Watchout his blog, wonderful creations for updates on this.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

such a malu my ugly sweaty messy self-protrait is there. haha...

you all are really garang warriors.esp weilin & khairul with their shoes stuck in mud.

weilin falling in mud.. all the funny moments.

i am touched and impressed with all the sheer hardwork when there are not enough time or people. :)

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