Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bukit Brown @ night

A much dated post of 2 weeks old.

Then, RY had invited me for a night walk with some other friends to the Bukit Brown Cemetery to look for some creatures of the night.


The flaking bark of the rain tree provide much refuge for many tiny creepy crawlies. Here is a pretty big centipede half hidden by the tree bark.

IMG_6312 copy

Another tree was a haven for tiny Tarantulas. This was my first time seeing one, and my… they are really small compared to their counterparts that I often saw on TV.

IMG_6321 copy

RY pointed out this scorpion with a clutch of tiny babies clinging on its back. Can you see the many scorpion tails on the mother?


Night jars are a common sight here. I wonder why they like to sit in the middle of the road. To warm their butts perhaps? Since tar roads retain more heat compared to the surrounding forest. heh~

IMG_6266 copy

This is really one gross and evil looking spiders.

IMG_6310 copy

A dog faced fruit bat munching on a fruit.


A collared scops owl, perching on a branch of Croton. Seemingly common here, as the gang found about four individuals after a round about the cemetery.

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