Sunday, March 27, 2011

Elaeocarpus mass flowering and fruiting

It was just a sudden impulse that I decided to take a walk by myself to MacRitchie Reservoir. Perhaps it was because that it had been ages since I had gone out to learn more new plants.

I had heard that many plants have been flowering and fruiting for the past month, and luckily I was not too late to witness some of them before the season past.


The most spectacular was the Elaeocarpus petiolatus flowers, which bear droopy white inflorescences. Almost every tree was flowering!


A look from bottom up.


The flowering had passed for another Elaeocarpus species, E. mastersii, and many trees now bear its ovoid fruits.


And so was this common tree, Champereia manillana, along, er Champereia Trail.


Pretty red fruits of this Glochidion superbum.


Some of them are more pinkish.


Nice rounded fruits of Calophyllum lanigerum. However, some of them looked like they have been parasitised, with bored holes visible form the surface.

For those who are interested in flowers and fruits, now is a good time to go to our nature reserves for a walk!

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