Saturday, December 11, 2010

Flowers and Fruits at MacRitchie

Today I am back again at MacRitchie to catch a walk conducted by Dr Yap from NSS. Unfortunately, I made a mistake of where the meeting point was and my friends and we had to walk a long distance till the end of the boardwalk to meet the group.

Should I say that it was actually a blessing in disguise? Or else we would have missed so much flowering and fruiting plants.


The flowers,


and fruits of this climber, Ampelocissus elegans.


This curious looking structure is the flower of the Streblus elongatus, also known as the Tampines tree. Yup, the Tampines estate is named after this plant.


Flower of the Tiup Tiup, Adinandra dumosa.


The flowers,


and fruits of the Sliverback tree, Rhodamnia cinerea.


Flower buds of Porterandia anisophylla. Hopefully I can catch its bloom.


Flowers of the Bat’s Laurel, Prunus polystachyus.


Can you see the dried flowers of the Great-leafed Pin-flower Tree, Glochidion superbum? Rather apt name eh?


A fruit from this Apocynaceae climber, Willughbeia species!


Aquatic plants are another realm for me. Can anyone help to ID this pretty plant with pink flowers? Update> Mayaca fluviatilis, Thanks to Ron and Hexazona for the help.


Caught a photo of this sad looking female long-tailed macaque… I wonder what happen to it :(


Fruits of a common herb, Oldenlandia cristata.


Young fruits of the Twenty Men Tree, Ixonanthes icosandra.


And lastly, the yellow bushy inflorescence of a legume climber Entada spiralis.

Certainty worth to come back here again, to see the flowers fruit, the unripe fruits ripe, and the ripe fruits, hmm, stay there till I’m here for another look. :)


Ron Yeo said...

These aquatic plant is probably Mayaca sp., a popular aquarium plant.

Unknown said...

should be Mayaca fluviatilis very commonly used here in planted aquaria

Federick Ho said...

I saw some of these flowers and fruits in our catchment areas but had no clue what they are - thanks for thie informative blog write-up.

Sy said...

Thanks ron and hexazona. Really looks like Mayaca fluviatilis~

Your welcome Federick :)

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