Monday, May 18, 2009

Lumnitzera Mangrove in Semakau

Visited Semakau mangroves last weekend to do a mangrove survey, which is part of Project Semakau. Didn't took much pictures that day, because I was trying to fend of the horrible infestation of mosquitoes. There were like a hundred of them following behind each of us! Besides that, I found that later that most of my photos had a blur mark because I had apparently wiped my mosquito repellent on the lens. =.=

But the picture below is worthy enough for a blog posting so here goes...

After bashing through a layer of replanted Bakau trees, we were amazed to see this huge forest containing mainly of Lumnitzera sp. It was really quite an astounding sight to behold, seeing all the tilted whitish stems and some parts almost covered entirely with green moss. The more I looked at this picture, the more it seemed like a painting instead of a photograph.

Reaching the main mangrove, it was also quite nice to see so many tall mature and dense mangrove trees all around us. However, it was also quite a daunting task to get out this prison of roots as you can see here... ^^

But some still managed to pose for a smile. Here is Kim above, and July in the picture before this.

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