Monday, February 9, 2009

1st Semakau walk for 2009

Today was our first Semakau public walk for the year!

Its an extremely hot day... but life can still be found at the intertidals.

Heart urchin
A heart urchin found by CH. It was probably a dead one, still it is the first time time I saw one in an almost complete state.

Pink Porites!
Corals can come in many colours. This is another of my first, a Porites coral that is purple in colour!

Spider conch
SS found this interesting spider conch that had a Porites coral growing on it!

Noble volute
Many noble volutes (Cymbiola nobilis) were found laying eggs here. I found a total of four doing it today 

Heart cockle
Another nice find is this heart cockle (Corculum cardissa), a bivalve that comes in a pretty pink heart shape.

Semakau walk 8 Feb
Here is JL showing the participants a swimming crab.

Knobbly seastar
And of cos, our star, the chocolate chip seastar!  

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