Monday, July 7, 2008

Semakau Guiding (10th)

It was another great day at the intertidals of Pulau Semakau. Today was my 2nd time guiding an adult group. Yupz, all my previous ones were school children. But it turned out to be as enjoyable as usual. :)

My Seahorse Group today were a bunch of fun-loving prison officers, and they were striking a seahorse pose! ^^

Just as one day before, we managed to spot an acron worm "shitting"!

There are several noble volutes (Cymbiola nobilis) laying eggs here. These snails are now vulnerable due to collection for their attractive shells and edible meat.

One of the common cucumbers in Semakau, the sandfish cucumber (Holothuria scabra). One thing interesting about sea cucumbers is that their respiratory system actually empties into the cloaca, and out through the anus!

A red swimming crab (Thalamita spinimana) was spotted near the reef edge. It had only 3 walking legs and one pincer left! However, if it can survive till its next moult, new legs will grow out again.

A pufferfish (Family: Tetraodontidae) are one of the most posionous fishes due to a toxin, tetrodotoxin found inside its body. This lethal posion is produced by bacteria, which is acquired through food. Hence, it is said that those pufferfish reared in captivity are not posionous.

The Oil Rig, Essar Wildcat, is stopping offshore of Semakau for 6 months for some repairs. This submersible rig can drill up to 8km in depth!

Lastly, along the way back in the forest, I stopped to take a picture of the fruiting screw pine ( Pandanus sp.).

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