Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ctenus floweri

On a grass patch along Kent Ridge road, one of the Japanese students, Misaki found a large unknown spider of 5cm during one of the biodiversity workshops. It was taken back and showed to the spider expert, David Court.

He identified this spider as probably Ctenus floweri, from the family Ctenidae. He explained that this spider is not commonly seen by people, but it is not rare, just that its habitat, among leaf litters is not of one that people will frequent. Spiders from the Ctenidae family hunts actively for food.

Photos taken by David Court


Aniruddha H D said...

I was just searching for Ctenidae after receiving your mail on Spiders of India Yahoo Groups regarding a spider from Dandeli, Karnatake. Your site is superb :) thank you for sharing the info.

ts said...


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