Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bird and the Spider

Was relaxing at Kent Ridge looking at birds, after diving when an Olive-Back Sunbird Cinnyris jugularis flew in front of me, just a 3 metres away. It hovered about before flying off and coming back again for three more times before I realised what was happening.

It was either attacking or kept bumping on the web of a golden orb spider, Nephila antipodiana. For a moment I thought that the bird might get entangled on the web. Dingli shared with me that Nephila spiders do prey on birds which unknowningly got trapped on their webs.

But I guess probably the former since it looks to me as if it was poking at the web. Although they feed mainly on nectar, part of their diet includes insects and the big Nephila might look like a relishing meal. Whatever the reason, it gave up what it was doing and flew off shortly.

Update~ Budak suggested that the sunbird might be collecting the spider silk to make its nest.

Also saw some new birds for me to tick off my checklist! Blue-tailed bee-eater, Asian brown flycatcher, Dollarbird.

Thanks Dingz and Budak for the input and ID


budak said...

think the sunbird might have been trying to get some webbing to use in its nest, as the Nephila's web is a very strong material.

the sunbirds are nesting everywhere now....

Anonymous said...

O wow, thats something new to me. Thanx~~

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