Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Surprises in diving

Diving is always fun, besides the early mornings and sometimes the physical labor involved, but.. it is still fun :)

Why? Because of all the surprises to be discovered in the sea. Just under the underwater table, Angie excitingly pointed to me this!

A big pufferfish taking shelter under the rack! It just stone there for a photo-taking session. I doubt they can swim fast anyway, from its body shape. Their conpicuious warning coloration probably is enough to warn predators that its not worth eating it! They contain tetrodotoxin, a lethal neurotoxin and there is no cure for it currently.

And awhile later, it was replaced by a flathead under the same table! These fishes are carnivores predators and they lie in ambush using their well camouflaged body to blend into the sandy bottom.

And I finally know what are damselfishes after seeing so many of them staring at me while I was swimming around, almost like they were looking for a fight. As one might guess, they are extremely territorial.

And pipefishes that look more like a piece of seagrass blade then a fish.

And returning back at the jetty, a leaf porter crab was swimming frantically. These crabs carry a piece of leaf on their back using their last pair of legs. Probably to conceal it self from predators beneath.

Yes, and all these are found and taken in Singapore.

All photos taken by Angie~~

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