Thursday, December 7, 2006

Stop the buying!

Does this picture look familar? I stole this shot at GoodWill Bird Trading shop at Serangoon. Further photography was prohibited by the uncle there.

Sulphur-crested cockatoos caged

Compare that to this picture, which I extracted from ACRES website. Looks almost identical to me.

Well, I'm not sure if those birds were breed or poached but my guess is that they probably were poached. So when the Buying stops, the Poaching will too! Apparently, my friend told me this shop was guilty of selling endangered birds a long time ago. But not sure if it does now. But the sight of a cute little toucan in there is rather saddening. This is my first time seeing a toucan but din really expect to see it in a bird shop.

Anyway, one thing I noticed was the large number of sparrows and pigeons clustered around the shop. Yeap, they were attracted to the bird food there, sunflower seeds which were spewed around the cages. My god, the town council should fine them for poliferating pigeons by feeding them instead of culling those innocent birds.

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