Saturday, December 23, 2006

Anne's dream

The Singapore Garden Festival was indeed worth the trip. Lucky I convinced myself to go. At level 6, there were many beautiful landscape designs and Blowing in the wind is my favourite, with a great message to tell, that is to "highlight the importance of valuing and conserving our rich tropical floral heritage" (as described by Far East Flora Pte Ltd, the designer). It was about a girl called Anne who stumbled into a bad dream and how she went about to save her ferns. I took a shot of its extract and typed it down below. But forgot to take 2 of the bubble worlds so can’t show the pictures here.

Blowing in the wind ~ Anne's dream

Girl posing at the dome

"Enter the dome, where Anne, beginning her dream, wanders into a dark cavern and witnesses the death throes of the trees. A surreal setting in which the surviving undergrowth scramble and mutate in order to live in a harsh and climatically-changed world. Even the ever-constant rain is acidic and of little use, only to further swamp the toxic landscape. The once-majestic Rainforest has neared it's end."

The interior of the dome. A barren habitat with some big "bubbles" each telling a small story.

"In her desperation, Anne wafts in and out of Bubble worlds trying to find a new home for her beloved Nephrolepis ferns."

Snow bubble "Can my ferns survive the Arctic cold?"

Desert bubble "Will my ferns shrivel in the harsh Sahara sun"

Underwater bubble "Can I save my ferns from drowning?"

"The sadness increases as she realises that her plants cannot do well in other strange habitat and must returned back quickly to the Rainforest in order to survive. Hope and great relief abound only when she wakes up, and she realises that her favorite ferns are still luxuriating in her backyard garden."

Anne waking up from her dream to find her ferns well in her secret garden

"It is a simple story, a brief flight of Fantasy meant to entertain and yet evoke a deep sense of loss should there come a day when the Forests have all gone. The trees which are taking pride of place in our exhibit were salvaged from reckless disposal and brought here to pose a question of heart."

"Prehaps the answers are blowing in the wind, and therefore we should seek them and heed them, before they fly away forever"

Plant infestations

At level 4, there were many booths selling plants and various other related stuffs. I happily bought 2 bird calendars and a butterfly poster from Nature Society booth. There was also this huge orchid exhibit. Damn, Didn't know that they exist in so many forms =S Also many flower arrangements that were amazing to admire at. But the only thing I was fascinated at was the small booth showing some common plant infestations. Y? Cos I finally know what pests that is bugging me for quite awhile (first picture below). So those are the bag worms.... Many others which I took below.

Could have hit myself on my head when I saw this. Its the question for my plant physio exam! If only this festival was earlier:

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