Friday, December 22, 2006

Sentosa Revisit

21 Dec ~ yesterday was terribly bored at home as my laptop was still under repair. Asked fiona, kai yuan and chong yi if they are free to go sentosa or labrador but none of them are free. Too last min I guessed. Can't take it any longer so I went myself alone to sentosa.

Felt rather lonely as everyone at sentosa seemed to have some company. Anywayz, I was dismayed to see that the route from Rasa Sentosa garden to the beach was blocked by a fallen tree. Had to climb down from the sea wall instead.

Fallen tree on the trail down the beach

The tide was badddd....It was supposed to be low tide at 5.30 pm but it barely lowered. Din spot many things but came across a few interesting invertebrates. Saw 2 squids copulating and an octopus! Wow...octopus, finally saw one but it disappeared in a flash after a wave splash over. Amazing how they can squeezed through any crevice. No photos for this 2 as the water reflection makes it hard to get a clear shot.

The only decent photo. A little goby

Lastly was a big vertebrate discovery. Was walking towards the cliff when suddenly a monitor lizard dashed out from the rocks. What a fright it gave me! Tried to corner it to take a shot but it escaped by climbing up the cliff. Man, didn't they are such good climbers. The cliff was almost vertical!

Thats it for this trip. Was rather depressed as didn't managed to get any good photos and no company.

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