Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Unknown Syzygium

In a forest fragment in Bukit Batok, we found a cool seemingly Syzygium plant fruiting. The cluster was hanging down with an attractive purple.

Below are the leaves, dark green opposite arranged, but the crushed leaves doesn’t smell distinctly ‘Syzygium’ though. The bark is light brown in colour and petiole about an inch long.

Help anyone? Update: Hmm, perhaps it is Syzygium jambos? Update: Syzygium pycnanthum, a critically endangered plant. Thanks to the SING herbarium guys for the help in ID.


Update: Here is a close-up of the fruits~


Joe Lai said...

SY, it's Syzygium densiflorum : )

ts said...


Thanks for the help. :)

Can I double check with you the current name?

Cause the SING herbarium told us its Eugenia densiflora, and referred to Turner's list which updated it to Syzygium pycnanthum.

Kew also stated the change: http://apps.kew.org/wcsp/namedetail.do;jsessionid=D9101FCD6AFB9283A9CFBFD8E42377A0?accepted_id=200170&repSynonym_id=132455&name_id=75014&status=false

My friend told me that Syzygium densiflorum might be another different species in India, which appears to an endemic there.


Thanks again!

Joe Lai said...

hey SY, I do have a name - Joe Lai - you know. : )

Yes, you are probably right. I haven't been updated on new names. The plant I am pointing at is, or rather, used to be Eugenia densiflora. By the way, are you working for nparks or nus at the moment?

ts said...

Hi Joe Lai,

Yea, I realised about your name. haha~ Just that I'm not sure how to address you.

I am working in NUS at the moment. Being infected by everyone here to be converted to a plant person now.

Joe Lai said...

Just call me Joe like everyone : ) As a reward to your enthusiasm, let me point out a clue to your previous post of the tree with beautiful leave formation / branching - Bignoniaceae : ) It the one you reported at freshwater swamp area. Happy studying!

ts said...

Hmm, my friend told me that could be Carallia brachiata. But this is a Rhizophoraceae.

Unless I got the plant wrong?(referring to the 3rd picture of that post).

ts said...

Oops, I think I got the wrong post. Are you referring to the last post of me in the mangrove?

If so, then Dolichandrone spathacea perhaps?

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