Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting down and dirty

My weekly weekend exploration today brings us to the Northern side of Singapore, the location can’t be disclosed owing to some reason.

Destination, at the end of this canal. It shouldn’t be hard to guess where is the place for those who are familiar.

Looks tasty. The fruits of the climber, Cissus hastata.

Peacock Pansy butterfly.

The fruits of Claoxylon indicum. Also known as Nappy Plant as the soft leaves are used as diapers.

Was quite delighted to see this Hoya diversifolia climbing all over the tree.


Sea Holly, Acanthus sp. Still not very good in ID-ing the three species to its species level. Update: Acanthus ebracteatus.

Nice Rhizophora sp. prop roots.

A Perak Lascar, resting on the mudflat.

Man, I have no wonder what this scrambling shrub or climber is… help… Update: Acanthus volubilis. Guess this is my first time noticing that the leaves appear in this obovate form.

My first time taking a picture of the fruits of the Chengam, Scyphiphora hydrophylacea.
An unknown plant…
We walked past an abandoned farm with fruits trees, herbal plants etc. This is the Black face general, Strobilanthes crispus. At the back left is me, totally covered like a terrorist to prevent the mosquito bites.

We were thinking of how to cross the river when this low hanging stem allowed us to use it as a bridge to reach the other side.

Two cute little Xylocarpus granatum fruits.

At the end of the trip, totally muddy and got a few cuts. I have to go to the toilet to wash my pants so that I can take the MRT home.

Thanks RY and WF for the IDs.

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