Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fruity Sengkang

I remembered quite clearly the mangroves in Sungei Punggol whenever I pasted by TPE to reach Yishun for my guitar lessons years back. Now it was cleared to make way for Sengkang sports complex and Sengkang Riverside park.

I was in the park recently with PX and M. Most of the plants were still young. It was obvious that the theme of the park was about edible trees, apparent from all the edible fruit trees planted throughout the park.

Here is logan, Dimocarpus logan. Tastes nice too (oops).


Morus alba, also known as:


M pointed out some YOG people were flying kites here.


This was my first time seeing nutmeg’s (Myristica fragrans) flowers.

Anacardium occidentale, the fruits famously known as cashew nuts. The sap of this plant is said to be very caustic.

We found a changeable lizard hunting in action, and it caught a grasshopper. You can see the legs still sticking out from the lizard’s mouth.


My first time seeing the female flowers of the oil palm, Elaeis guineensis too.

Here are its fruits, riped (left) and unriped (right).

This is a new plant for me. Flacourtia sp.

Here is a plant which looks like a Dillenia sp, from the corrugated cardboard like leaves. It has flaking bark. Wonder what this is. I wish they put ID boards for all the plants there so that it is easier for people (like me) to learn. Update: Dillenia indica.

Lots of fruits, but little shade. But guess it is NParks intention as seen in their website to let this park to have extensive lawns for people to play in. Guess when some of the trees grow taller, this will be a nice little fruity park.


Yen Kheng said...

Think it may be Flacourtia rukam and Dillenia indica.

SY said...

Hi Yen Kheng,

Think your right.


SY said...

Hi Yen Keng,

I think the Flacourtia could be inermis as the flowers were bisexual.

Yen Kheng said...

Yeah, can't be Flacourtia rukum- which is a forest tree with spikes. Lots to learn still. Your blog is helpful ;-)

SY said...

Yup, I realised that learning plants is a never ending process. lol~

Pat said...

The large Dillenia indica trees were transplanted from Bishan Park that is currently under redevelopment.

The red-fruited tree is Flacourtia inermis -- a host plant for the Phalanta phalantha phalantha (Leopard) butterfly. Next time, look under the leaves for the hirsute caterpillars. There are a few specimens planted in HortPark. The spiny Flacourtia rukum can be found in SBG's Economic Garden.

PS: Sengkang Riverside Park was originally planned to be called Sengkang Fruit Park.

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