Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sentosa revisit

Back to my favorite beach again in Sentosa. The lowest tide was still rather high but I just wanted to revive the memories of the beautiful coast again before coming again at the full moon.

There is a new signboard on the path down the sea wall. But to me it was not done very well at all, as it indicated of marine life existing down there and then further adding that this part is not covered by Beach Patrol......

The one reason I love this place is due to its beautiful cliffs...

and caves

as well as being 100% natural, unlike the opposite Siloso beach

For people who know about the iconic Broken Soul Cliff... Its route is blocked by a tree which fell from the cliff above.

Deep furrows form from years of water erosion...

The broken soul cliff at side view

pebbles scattered on the ground


Roots of plants dropping down from the almost vertical cliffs

A lone dead tree guarding the shores

Pitcher plants

For people interested in the current state of IR Sentosa~

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