Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sentosa #3

Back again in Sentosa intertidals for the second time after finishing my project at UWW. This time, thankfully with the company of KS and Fiona.

The persistent ks successfully found a nemo under a Giant sea anemone.

Another exciting find by ks again, a cuttlefish. They have an internal cuttlebone which is used to control their buoyancy in water. These "bones" are used to feed birds as a source of calcium.

A juvenile Kite butterflyfish

I never know peacock anemones can be found here!

These sponges look like crystals don't they?

A flatworm trapped in a tiny pool of water

The lovely teddy bear crab on the left and another unknown cousin on the right.

Despite the nearby on going IR reclamation and modifications, nature still managed to find a way to carry on their lives. Lets hope they will continue to survive under these harsh conditions.

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