Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Operation Baby Myna

This morning while working in the lab, I over heard Jani and Abby talking about the noisy mynas at outside the backdoor of our lab. We didn't particularly took notice to it, since it was such a common urban bird.

Curiousity soon overwhelm me after the frantic chirping carried on for a few hours. I peeped outside the glass door and saw an adult perched on the railing, and on the floor, a baby Javan myna! Me and Wendy posulated that it at fell down from its nest and true enough, she located it in the ceiling directly above

It was terrified of me and ran clumsy away as I approached it. Its wings are not fully developed too, I guess, since it couldn't fly off.

As would any parent respond, its parents chirped angrily at me, but did not attack.

It also doesn't seemed to be able to walk properly, and can only stand on its knees. The bird later jumped over my side of the lab's corrider into the plant lab's garden. As it was locked, I asked Wee Fong to help me catch it later after his lunch, and then I went for mine.

After I came back, I saw the bird on my table, resting in a pail filled with tissue. It had calmed down alot and seemed to be sleeping somemore.

Me, Wendy and Wee Fong later went to fetch a ladder to reach its nest; which was just a small gap in the ceiling, filled with twigs. Luckily the ladder was tall enough for a short guy like me and the baby jumped into its home. Hopefully its parents will notice its return and continue to nurse it till adulthood.

Felt rather good about this operation :) Although Javan mynas are so common that they can be freely shot at or poisoned, they are still lives. If they are considered a nuisance, what are we then?

Update >> Was initially v worried that the parents might had abandoned their nest and left their child alone. But today heaved a great sigh of relief after seeing one parent flew out of the nest and the fledging beaks peeping out of it. :)


YC said...

I fully agree with your "Yes, what are we then?"

convexset said...

Good one. I have one sleeping in my room now. The haze is terrible.

DrDilip Darade said...

I wish to have a nest of Myna .How to invite/ make this bird to nesting in my balcony?

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