Saturday, January 5, 2008

Aquatic life at BT

Went with Daniel in his honours project for his Johora singaporeansis project again, this time at BTNR. It was really filled with life! But had limited shots due to low batt and my failing old camera condition.

Pink-headed Reed Snake, Calamaria schlegel. It is non-venomous and said to be a mimic of the venomous Blue Malayan Coral Snake.

A fallen log in our way. The heartwood is blood red in color, looks just like blood... ID anyone?

Lots of forest fishing spider standing on the stream surface waiting for small preys to ambush on.

Cryptocoryne timahensis, a hydrid species aquatic plant found in Singapore. Surprisinginly, it is said to be sterile and found only here so its extremely rare. More on this website.

No Johora singaporeansis found again in this area. Instead, only saw one of the three endemic freshwater crabs in Singapore, a male Johnson's Freshwater Crab (Irmengardia johnsoni) above.


Feng Run said...

Great Pictures!

Siyang said...

I'm glad you like it =)

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