Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sentosa Revisit #2

After finishing with my work at UWW, jumped into my booties and got myself ready for an intertidal walk just nearby in Sentosa beach. Firstly went to check out the coast opposite the current in construction IR. I wonder if life beside it have suffered from the increased sedimentation.

An elbow crab, so named due to its long pincers bending like an elbow. Just like the hairy crab, scattered all over the beach, it is difficult to spot them as they are well camouflaged.

Gong gongs are delicacies in the seafood menu. However, it is definitely more enjoyable seeing them alive, watching their shy alien eyes embedded on long eye stalks, peeping out at you.

Strombus sp. conches also have those cute little eyes.

Many tiny anemones were embedded on the rocks

Anemone shrimps added more brilliance to the seemingly luminous carpet anemone

Nudibranch, Dendrodoris denisoni. In Ria's CJ online guide this nudibranch "releases digestive juices that dissolve the sponge into a soup which is then sucked up."

Another delightful find is a small eel which darted fast from rubble to rubble, preventing me in getting a good shot.

Next, went over to the other side hoping to catch a glimpse of sunset...
I was pleasantly surprised to see many whitish stuff floating on the water

They are actually the male flowers of the tape seagrass (Enhalus acoroides). Looks quite like styroform beads hor?

A rustle in the trees startle me, but it was just 2 peacocks scrambling through.

A pity the sunset was covered by the clouds today. Hopefully tml will fare better :)

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aki-chan said...

Wow nice! Btw hehe u shd show that pic of gong gong to ppl who eat it.. Think they wun wanna eat it after that cuz the gong gong looks so cute and meek!

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