Saturday, September 1, 2007

Dog Show @ Expo

Wasnt intending to blog about this as the photos I got wasnt that nice. But surprisingly, the organiser send us some photos that the photographer that day took and they were so marvellous that I cant resist blogging!

Was helping out at the Singapore Kennel Club's companion dog show @ Expo. There were other shows and competitions going on on the same day too, like the grooming contest etc. but we were not involved in it. This show was meant for a fun and informal contest for the norm to join in and have fun with their pets, at least thats how I felt. A great idea as the rest of the contests going on around were all rather stringent and strict to me.

Domesticated dogs come in all sizes even though they are all of the same species or sub-species.

First in the programme is the doggy olympian run. They have to run to the end and grab a bottle of dog food and back. Denise was taking videos at the finishing line to make sure no errors were made in deciding the winner.

There were 3 celebrity judges invited for this event. Ms Collen Francisca, former Miss Singapore was the judge for the best dog costume. Beside her was Jaclyn the event organiser.

And here is Darren Tan, winner of Project Superstar, showing off his dog.

He was judging for 2 events, one of which is the best trick contest.

Andrea Fonseka, former Miss Malaysia, and more of you all might recognise from her hosting "Live a Dream". Do you know that she is also a professional German shepherd handler and judge? Wow...

And here were me, denise, kaiqin and the rest of the helpers. As well as the extremely docile golden retriever named girl. We were told from the owner that it picked up a stray kitten to her. They are now living under the same roof!

Here are a few of my favorite dog pictures. Heres Bow-Wow from 家有贱狗!

The blazing red hair auntie really lighten our day with her cheerfulness and enthusiasm

And a husky puppy. So Cute!

Thanx Denise for this eye-opener

All photos are taken by Nicholas @ (


tHE tiDE cHAsER said...

Hey! The event organiser, Jaclyn, is actually my JC fren. Haven't seen her since her wedding earlier this year (or was it last year?) though :)

Anonymous said...

What equipment were you using?

Siyang said...

Thats a small world! lol

Anonymous, what do u meant by equipment?

Monkey said...

i was wondering if you took the photos coz they were really professional then you wrote "All photos are taken by Nicholas" and straightaway I was thinking, alamak, I should have known.

haha nick is a friend of mine lol in singapore if it's doggie and cat photos.. most likely it's taken by him! lol

Siyang said...

haiz...ur implying all my picts not nice? =( haaa joking, small world ar.. organiser is Ron's friend and photographer is ur friend.

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