Saturday, September 8, 2007

Crabbing @ Polunin Stream

Today, me and denise went to help daniel with his honours project again. Was quite a relief there wasnt rain that day even though lightning flashed when we were leaving school.

The water level at the stream was much higher then the previous time I went, guessed it was probably raining here earlier. We quickly caught sight of a few big Parathelpusa maculata crabs but they were too fast and difficult to handle (only daniel dare to catch it) so we only got four of them. Got more Johora singaporeansis however, and no Geosersarma as they are supposely more terrestrial (very flooded today).

We noticed several burrows which Daniel thought belong to the crabs and he confirmed it after finding a freshly dug burrow with a Johora singaporeansis inside.

After finishing the catch for the day, our leader went about to take some measurements.

Male Parathelpusa maculata have an enlarged right pincer.

And lastly, he made some marking on the crabs before releasing them back.

Check out his blog, Johora singaporeansis for more insights.

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