Sunday, September 2, 2007

Are they really laughing?

Was out at Hougang Mall buying my long over due comics that I ordered a few mths back. Walked passed a make-shift store with a small crowd gathered around it. I stared at the aquarium tanks displays and was wondering what they are selling. I looked at the big banner beside it.

They are selling land hermit crabs! HaHa crabs are their name (dun think I find that very funny). The hermit crabs there were living in colorfully painted shells (mm, are they toxic to the crabs?).

Of cos, naturally I wasn't very happy seeing them in captivity. Their website have a page on conservation which states the steps they take to ensure their well-being. I was particularly interested as well as disturbed that they did not provide more information on how skilled-licensed harvestors ensure that they are not overly harvested...

For more information, visit:


Unknown said...


I came across this stall selling HaHaCrab @ Bishan Junction 8 last year & made a complaint to some members within our group.
some how or rather i wasn't happy with the outcome though as those ppl still continue their hermit crabs businss there .
I hope there's something that we can do abt this issue.

Ash : ((((

DreamerJuly said...

"Land hermit crabs do not reproduce in captivity."

Interesting fact i read from the website of the Haha crabs website.

What can we do?

"No demand, no supply."

Tell our friends about this. Let them take their own stand about this. And hopefully, they will come to a conclusion that they will not support Haha crabs.


Kevin said...

yah I even have vistors to my blog from usa asking for hermit crab pics cos they have never seen such big ones over there.. i refused naturally..

Anonymous said...

Lame ,Haha crabs are sold but they really made lovable pets at home ! But i took good care of it.If you are scare that they will extint . my as well dont sell Dogs ,Cats ,Hamsters ?? scientist will help them to reproduce.As long as people are willing to take good care of it.Do support !

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