Sunday, September 30, 2007

KS team @ Chek Jawa

Went to help out Kok sheng in his urops project at Chek Jawa today. Been wanting to help out a long time but haven't been able to till today, although time is still tight but die die must keep my promise this time. A pity Denise and Kaiqin cant make it or it will make a good day a better one.

It seemed like a long time since I have been here and the amenities at Chek Jawa has changed so much since the launch of the boardwalk. P. Sekudu the frog island in the distance and beside it, the cottage house no.1.

The finished boardwalk

My first time seeing the hairy seahare.

We saw quite a few sandfish sea cucumbers. They are a delicacy especially during the new year.

Kok sheng in the distance

The transect went smoothly and quickly as intended compared to the very first transect KS tried. We had some free time to explore the coral rubble in the evening.

See a pair of eyes? They belong to a startled crab that burrow itself into the sand

A juvenile catfish spotted by Yujie.

A fine white sea urchin found by me. As for the ID, ks can re-enlighten me again pls?

More on ks Chek Jawa project

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