Friday, October 5, 2007

Flora in Kent Ridge

This is part of my geography module, which involves designing a poster on three plants in NUS. A pretty rush job and me, diana and justin worked till 3am to finished this! At least thats another project down and I survived this week of madness. Click on it to enlarge and enjoy!

Thanx for again for Wee Yeow Chin and Angie Ng for allowing me to use their photos on the mistletoe!

(Btw anyone know any free software that convert word or pdf to jpg format? my current one places an enormous watermark there...)

Supposed to have 4 pages that join to form a poster but I removed the first page, which include the map where the plants were located.

Justin: Pitcher plant
Me: Mistletoe
Diana: Smilax

1 comment:

juanhui said...

jiejie, I have adobe photoshop (shld be able to do the trick), and can help u convert if ned be. tho if you export it to .ppt, then "save as" .jpeg there, it shld b able to work as well, and for most of us, we find that using .ppt to make posters is more convenient!

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