Friday, October 26, 2007

Dove Nest @ NUS

Another bird nesting in NUS! Got the news from Shun de who coincidentally saw it when he heard a sunbird calling. He looked up and saw the nest. The next day, me, daniel, dingli, kaiqin and kok sheng went to search for it. Not knowingly the exact position of the nest, we peeped through srubs and bushes and trees. And we found 2 other nests lol, but apparently looked like they are abandoned and uninhabited

Here was the nest on the left arrow. At first I thought it belonged to the olive-back sunbird that was chirping frantically nearby on the right arrow but dingli pointed that the nest is not a typical sunbird nest. True, but why was the sunbird refusing to go off and sounding so alarmed? Dingli suggested that a changable lizard that was lurking near the nest and the sunbird was helping whichever bird that built the nest to "jaga" the nest. haha... well who knows, theres lesbian hornbills, anything is possible. ;p

The next day, after my lecture, I went immediately to the same place with my camera. Just as I was trying a take a picture, heard a familar voice behind me. Haa, it was ks who was armed with his camera too. And so we started taking pictures of the fledgings.

The nest belonged to a dove, Shun de said its from the peaceful dove (or zebra dove) as he spotted the parents that day. Arent they adorable? More of these cute birds on Ria's Buloh's bird guide.

Two fledgings were seen. Hopefully can observe more interesting behavior =) NUS is really a wonderful place for bird watching!

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