Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Recycled nests @ NUS

Animals can also be environmentally friendly too! Now I know that some birds actually recycled their nests. Lets see some of them in NUS...

I had covered about this nesting last year but well, its gone when I accidentally deleted my blog last time. This belongs to a Javan Myna which build its nest in an air vent. Today when me, diana, lionel and wendy passed by it, we saw the Myna carrying some twigs on its beak and flew into the vent. Look all all the twigs in there! We clearly heard the chirping sounds of its chicks but they well hidden inside from view.

Remember the pacific swallow's nesting last time? The chicks were long grown up and off but yet, yesterday evening I spotted two birds inside it. This morning when I when to see it, they were gone but back again in the evening once more. Interestingly they are two seemingly adult pacific swallows. Perhaps there are eggs there? Or perhaps just a convienent roosting spot? Questions to be answered~

Updates on the dove fledgings. They are pretty grown up now and from the looks of it, the nest is getting too small for the both of them. Think can expect them to take off anytime soon.

And their parent back later in the day.

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