Thursday, February 8, 2007

A Tear for Al Gore

I'm glad I did not skip this to study for my forensic science test tml. Yup, thats the Inconvienent Truth, showing in Science LT28 today by SAVE.

Went with Diana for this show and to tell the truth, we were quite shocked to see so many people inside! The entire LT was fully packed and latecomers even sit on the steps. Its heartening to see so many people aware of this movie and the issues addressed.

Packed Lecture Hall

The movie was amazing. I was so touched by how Al Gore spent so much of his time fighting for this cause, raising awareness about global warming. Man, giving at least 1000 slideshows around US and the world? This is no ordinary feat and of such a noble cause. I shed a tear for him. In fact, there was this lump on my throat all the time when watching the many figures and footages of the resultant of global warming and snippets of his feelings. I wonder how many felt the same way as me.  

The movie ended and I silently applauded to it. And I guessed others felt the same way. Applause resounded and I joined in. 

In the end, it is up to us on how much we can contribute to our environment and saving it. 

And as I was telling Diana, this is one movie which I will encourage piracy. :)

Website of Inconvienent truth

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Jeffrey said...

I haven't, as yet, got around to watching this movie. I guess I should, but I can't help but feel (from what I have seen and heard), that it is a very "rich-centric" movie. And possibly very US-centric as well.

While there seem to be some parallels to be drawn from the snippets I have seen, I don't see any indication that the main causes of the accelerated climate change are addressed - the world population and our consumptive, throw-away society. How do we deal with this dire situation, when our economies are run as they are?

"... we need a population growth of x% to sustain our economy by 10% in the next 20 years ..."

"... analysts were disappointed by (insert company's name here) 400 million dollar profit, which was less than expected ..."

"... tonnes of (type of agricultural product here) burned to keep prices up ..."

When a major part of the population is faced with day-to-day, hand-to-mouth subsistance living, I find it hard to heed the voice of one multi-(billion)aire who has the spare time (and certainly the spare cash) to preach about global warming and climate change.

The time is at hand (or may already have passed us) to take drastic action to change the course of mankind's impact on the environment. I very much doubt we are ready ... now in the years to come.

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