Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Finally, I convinced my parents to let me keep hamsters! (well I told them I don't care gotta keep them no matter what ;p) I supposed many had experienced keeping these rodents when they are younger but I was the rare few, firstly because I had childhood asthma previously, secondly and more importantly, my mum hate furry creatures, you name it, from hamsters to dogs. My home will be a zoo if otherwise.

Adrian Moh had previously asked whether I wanted some hamsters as his sister's rodents had been breeding too much. I finally got them from him on Valentine’s Day, three brother hamsters as he advise me not the separate them.

Bought a cage from pet lover's corner, a rather big cage with a small 2nd storey compartment.

I called them as the little devils as they kept me awake the entire night on the first day with their squeaking. I never know they make any sound till now! Those squeaking sounds like those baby shoes that make the squeak when they walk on it.

The 3 brothers are just one month ago and already they very fat. Well, I guess its inevitable as they can only eat and sleep in the cage. Only one was rather small in size, which girl named it as sayang and it looks as it doesn't get along well with its 2 obese brothers. Either it keeps getting bullied by the other 2 or that it always disturbs the 2.

But then again, they are times when they live in harmony. They are brothers after all.

However, most of the time the 2 brothers stayed together. "Eat alot" and "sleep alot" are the 2 names I gave them. Can't really differentiate them apart but it doesn't matter, cos they both eat and sleep alot anywayz ;p

Another sleeping posture.


ecym said...

chubby hammies u got there...are they winter whites? They are nocturnal animals that's why they are active at night. Try not to place them in your bedroom else you cant get to sleep.

TS said...

Yes they are. Yea your right. Prehaps I will move them to the kitchen at night.

Panda said...

its the other 2 devil bros that kept bullying sayang & not sayang cannot get along well with them. guai sayang :)

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