Sunday, February 18, 2007

Please help do survey! Legalising cats in HDB.

Hihi, me and my group are doing a survey report in one of my modules (Professional Communications) to understand the opinions of HDB dwellers towards legalising cats in HDB. We chose this topic due to the recent debate on ST and ST forum by cat lovers regarding this issue.

In order to have a non-bias result, we will need to collect as large a sample size as possible, so if possible please help us to spread to your friends and families. I'm not sure if I am being realistic, but if possible our group might send the results to HDB for their consideration. At least it will serve more purpose then just getting its grade for the module.

Click here for the zoomerang survey
(heard that zoomerang results is only visible for 10 days. I will make another link after the 10th day.)

So, hope to get ur support!

Stray cat near NUS


vegancat said...

Post on websites such as Stomp where you get less cat-biased sample but then I think most stompers are pretty young and may not be home-owners. Check out some town council websites where they are forums on which you can also post this survey. All the best!

Siyang said...

good idea. Ty!

Anonymous said...

Its not like HDB doesn't know the thousands of cats kept in the HDB flats.I seriously do not understand what is this debate about. They know there is nothing wrong with cat keeping in HDB flats but yet they want to make a big fuss about their silly policies.
Truth is they are ashame of the policy set by some old birds who are still perching there awaiting retirement.HDB just do not know how to reverse such policies.It is really silly.
They came to my flat,saw 3 cats and gave me a verbal warning. Came the next week and saw a retriver and gave a warning again! Will you fine me already if i infringed your housing laws?!
See if they fine one person,i.e me,they will have to do so for thousands more. And being govt servants these pple usually do not want to rock the boat too much.Issuing fines and summonses require a lot of paper work.That translate to more work.Why do extra when you can still earn the same amount of salary without doing anything at all!The reason why they are at my flat was due to a complain.See if no one complained,they won't be anywhere near you.I've had the cats for 5 years!The dog belonged to a fren.
If cat keeping is such a huge issue with them,why aren't they patrolling the flats looking out for such offences.The fact that so many pple are keeping cats in their flats and continue to do so is becuase HDB is not doing their job in enforcing their silly cat laws and AVA has stopped its sterilise and release program.
All i can say is the agencies here want to sound and look professional but they are not competent enough in doing it right.
It seems to me they can close one eye on alot of these minor cat issues,unless ofcos if it makes the headlines.Then you'll see HDB scrambling off to correct it.
Sorry Siyang.This doesn't really help in your survey much but its just a thought i had just now at the office.Have a nice day.

Siyang said...

hi anonymous, all comments are welcome and I think it did help in my survey! I'm doing on the opinions of people with regards to this law ma :D thanx for the feedbacks.

Papa Jeff said...

Do you realise how much work, not to mention paper to be pushed, is needed to change a policy handed down to us from our forefathers??!! Easier to ignore the problem :P

Siyang said...

Tell the truth, I really dun know! But well, trying is better than not doing anything :)

auntie p said...

I've been led to your survey. I notice you've blog-rolled me..haha. Thank you, hor. :P

VeganCat said...

Glad to see the NUS Community (not "stray" as he or she is being cared for)cat is sporting a tipped ear.
Have you read of TnRm in
1) Stanford University
2) University of Texas

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