Tuesday, January 30, 2007

HDB cats? So cute!

Was tired as usual after a depressing Monday (cos lessons from 8am to 6pm no break). But at 11pm I quickly rushed downstairs with my camera to meet with the cat auntie whom I talked to 2 days back. Yup, she is a Muslim lady, and proud owner of 9 adopted HDB cats, all clipped and sterilized.

She was just returning home from work when I walked towards the cats’ makan place. She told me she going to put her things first before feeding the cats.

HDB cat
Ah White, Ah Fat and Stop.

Some cats had already arrived and eager for their dinner.

While waiting, I played with both the black and white cats, the only 2 which allowed me to touch them.

HDB cat

Auntie came down with the food. Today’s menu was canned cat food, biscuits and some chicken. Auntie made sure all the food were placed on paper to prevent dirtying the floor.

All the 9 cats have names...
HDB cat

As Auntie told me, this fellow is Ah Fat, cos shes so fat! Very amusing when one sees her walk. Her stomach will turn side to side one. But she is my favorite of all, as she is very friendly and lovable, being the only one which will automatically come to me for a massage.

However, she had a sad past. It was once a pet kept by a neighbor living at the block opposite us. Auntie said she was going home one day when she heard a thud. The owner had thrown Ah Fat down from the 3rd storey. She suffered a broken leg but was nursed back to health after Auntie took it to see a doctor. She also had an operation in the stomach area, thus resulting in her over bulging stomach.

HDB cat

This is Ah White, well, because she is white. She is the buddy of Ah Fat and always hang out together. Ah White is much more shy and will always run away when I tried to approach it. But I had found a tactic. Everytime, I will play with Ah Fat first and Ah White, seeing that I meant no harm will allow me to touch it. Ah White loves to be caress and will drop and lay down on the floor for me to rub it.

HDB cat

This cat is Long Tail, think no need to explain why. She was also once the same owner with Ah Fat but was also abandoned by them. Luckily Auntie is helping to look after them now. She told me the owners wanted the cats back now but she refused, unless they pay them back all the sterilization and operation fees. Being already such irresponsible owners, I assumed they had refused to do that.

Long Tail often rewards its owner with... Rats! Dead rats. She will catch them and put them at another auntie's door who also often came down and play with them. So, don't cull cats! They help to cull rats!

HDB cat

This small cat is called Stop. Auntie said that last time when she told the cat to “stop!” it will suddenly freeze. That’s how it got the name. Don’t know much about this cat as I can never get close to it. But it is very affectionate towards auntie and will jump about and rub auntie’s leg.

HDB cat

This is hamburger, cos it simply loves to eat hamburgers! And guess what? This is the child of Stop. Auntie said it was very clever and don't like to take pictures (cos it kept turning away from my camera). She also said that she tell all the cats not to go near strangers and apparently, all of them listened. All except Ah Fat, the overly friendly dude. :)

HDB cat

This cat is not part of the territory but a few blocks away. But Auntie had feed it last time and now it will also come here for fixed meals daily. It is called Wow! as its purring sounds exactly like it! So funny, haa.

Have introduced 6 cats which I saw today and 2 days back. Left 3 more which did not come today. There was also this cat called Tua Tao (Big Head) which she told me was huge. She also joking say that it is the emperor of all these cats and others on the opposite blocks. Hope to see his highness some day. :P

HDB cat

Auntie also brought down her cat for a walk after the other HDB cats dispersed. She was called Contact and is also the child of Stop. Very weird to see it walk as it seems to be crawling instead. Auntie said it had watched a TV on tigers stalking their prey and now it is copying its same motion :P But she is extremely guai and I even can hold it and cuddle between my arms.

HDB cat
Contact with Auntie, who don't want me to take her picture, so have to take it like this.

HDB cat
Ah White relishing my massage

Cats are part of the life of our neighborhood. We should treasure them, not complain and put the blame on them everytime. I cannot imagine a day without cats around my flat.


Anonymous said...

Loves all the cats' names.
Poor Ah Fat, got thrown off by evil owner. Lucky Cat Auntie came to the rescue.
Good to know too, that all the cats are clipped and sterilised.
Glad to see that these cats makes your day!

ethantan said...

They've got really cute names! :) I have 3 cats in my neighbourhood that I feed quite regularly. I'm still thinking of names for them but nothing seems to jolt yet. Hopefully I'll find cute names for them too soon...

Ron Yeo said...

I used to hv this Malay neighbour who kept lots of cats as well, some more a number of them are the furry furry type, ulta cute. Btw, saw that u withdraw from the Semakau 3 Mar walk. Busy ah?

TS said...

Yalo, unfortunately my Ecology Field trip to Malaysia is exactly on that day so had to withdraw. WIll sign up for another slot after confirming my timetable.

Profpig ^@^ said...

You are cool! Thanks for loving the cats!

ecym said...

Nice to see so many cats-lovers around. Yes I am one of them too though I have not gone to the extend to feed the cats everyday. But I do stop and stroke them if I see one...:P

Sivasothi said...

Nice story, thanks.

animalfamily said...

just discovered this blog. nice! love cats, got 9 of them.

Anonymous said...


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