Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nostalgia beckons at Sentosa

Returned to Sentosa today with girl. Really missed this place since the last transect, which is why I came here so many times. Din see my old team at the last orientation, hopefully they are in Fri's one. Will love to work together with them again.

Wasn't expecting to see much today as the tide is only 0.7m, but well theres always other things to see besides corals. And some little new disoveries too =)

Ovum/Wandering cowrie with its striking orange tenacles. Cowries are used as currencies in China in the past. Man, just imagine last time they can just pick money off the shore. Isn't that nice? :P

This is what Siti said about sunburned seagrass?

Halophila ovalis like our terrestrial grasses have long rhizomes for quick colonization. Another knowledge learnt during the orientation.

What are this? (Left) neatly arranged white plates. (Right) Found all over the shore, these short brown tubes. Are they the encrusting tube worms as in the guide to seashore life?


This tamed sea cockroach allowed me to take a close shot =) Sea cockroaches are not actually cockroaches; they don't belong to the class of insects (They have more then 6 legs!). They are actually crustaceans.

(LEFT) These towers are such a nuisance to me and girl. Theres this recording which kept repeating "....get out of here..." or something similar. I wonder if it was telling us. (RIGHT) Beacon in the distance; thick heavy rain clouds at the back.

This is the first time I actually walked to the other side of the shore after those towers. Still remembered Ria said during the last transect that theres another way in from there. More interesting life and rock formation. There was this big pond of water with quite a few species of fishes in there. A little clown fish was also hiding timidly in. Surprisingly I found some corals too.

Corals? I'm not sure leh. I'm so confused about them now ;p Anyone knows? Ascidians, sponges are also problematic in identifying =S Need to buck up.

Picture of the day. An OCTOPUS! Girl found it inside a hole filled with water, with its tentacles sticking out. At first we thought it was dead but it moved after touching it. Man this one is the biggest I seen.

We continued walking down the shore, and saw this rundown jetty with only its supporting legs there. A sign we saw later looks appropriate for it. =) And finally, we saw the back of underwater world. Yea, was wondering how much more we have to go...

so tired as I am typing this now. Good nitez...

This is the cause of our recent freak weather? Global warming ah...

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