Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Some thoughts for the new semester~

A new semester, a new year. This holiday had been more meaningful for me than any previous ones even thought this is the shortest (due to army); all credited to my little adventures. Been to quite a few wild trips; 1) River beside Ngee Ann, 2) Sentosa, 3) Labrador Park, 4) Chek Jawa, 5) Kent Ridge Road, 6) Botanical Gardens, 7) Pasir Ris Park, 8) Kusu Island, 9) Sungei Serangoon and lastly, 10) Hindhede Nature Park.

I first set up this small nature blog in a view to help myself familarize with myself the wildlife and biodiversity in singapore. After all, I am a biology student but without a clue of what wildlife singapore has (Typical life science student as I discovered). It had turned up very helpful, since all sightings were by myself with photo illustration of my lousy but trusty canon A520 camera. Pictures do speak a thousand words indeed and reinforced by small snippets of facts which I dug from the internet. All the posts were of special meaning to me since all the wildlife were sighted and photographed by myself.

My trusty camera

The marine habitat is the most fascinating to me, with such a wide diversity and easily accessible intertidal areas. Thinking of taking up diving soon too. Second up with be birding, which I agreed with Dingli that it is the most diverse and easiest to spot vertebrates here. Of cos, any creature which moves still never fail to fascinates me.

Now that the holiday is over and back to studies, posts will be less I guess. But I'm sure theres always something new to encounter so this blog wun be that stagnant. Singapore's diversity is rich indeed. After this 2 months of blogging and adventures, I'm proud to say that I'm a nature lover =D

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