Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where is the Central Catchment Nature Reserve?

All of us know where the Central Catchment Nature Reserve (CCNR) is. Or do we?

I was unable to find an accurate map showing the boundaries of the CCNR from the National Parks Board (link), Singapore Land Authority (, and even Google Maps.

In the end, after some research, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore (Master Plan 2008) and the Ministry of Defence (Singapore Topographic Map) seem to be the only two which got it right. Not surprising, considering the need for accuracy for land-use planning and navigation for the military respectively.

Download the map of Central Catchment Nature Reserve
Unable to obtain a decent map, I decided to created one on my own. You may download the high-resolution map free at my Download page. Please email me if you find any discrepancies. I will be more than happy to correct it!

Some explanations of the legend are described below.

Nature Reserve: Other than Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, the rest of this category belong to CCNR. Note that CCNR also includes the reservoirs which it surrounds
Non-Reserve Forest: Most of these areas are forest. Individual buildings within are excluded
Park: MacRitchite Reservoir Park
Residential: Mainly residential. Includes eateries and other commercial entities
Singapore Zoological Gardens: Includes Night Safari, and the upcoming River Safari
Utility: If you zoom into Google Earth at this patch, you can see satellite dishes with Singtel’s logo

Having consistent and accurate information is important, especially when it involves the conservation of our fragile biodiversity. Already, the CCNR is already threatened by many developments and structures within and surrounding it; and it will continue to be faced with them in the future.

But, that will be a separate post for another day. Stay tuned!
The map was created using ArcGIS with the following resources:
  • Google Earth Satellite Images
  • Master Plan 2008
  • Road layer was adapted from, which is in turned sourced from

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