Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cycling trip to Punggol End

Decided on a cycling trip to Punggol End for a walk where I met with L today.


Some development on-going here. Think this should be the artificial river the cuts through Punggol estate.


An exotic climber that has escaped cultivated and practically engulfed this sea almond tree, the Drunken Sailor, Quisqualis indica.


The droopling flowers is probably the reason why it is ‘Drunken’.


We bashed into the rubber forest, but only for awhile, as there were too many mosquitoes biting me. So much love for me =.=’’


Some kampung remnants in the forest.


Fruits of a common climber, Fibraurea tinctoria.


While looking at this Cacao tree, Theobroma cacao

IMG_5490 copy

I spotted a flash of bright green and realised that it was a whip snake! Cool~


Lastly, we took a walk along the developing promenade at Punggol End beach and saw two Chinese collecting nerite snails. Looking at the size of the bulk, they probably got more then 50 snails…

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Kwang Hong Chang said...

Are the kampung remnants still around? May I know where is the location?

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