Wednesday, January 20, 2010

More Grasses and Sedges

I find it quite cool that I can appreciate those once boring lawn plants now. Imagine, they are basically found everywhere and I can be easily satisfied basically anywhere! LOL~ 

St. Augustine Grass, Stenotaphrum secundatum is an exotic plant that seldom flowers but spreads vegetatively.

KY is right when he said that I should learn the vegetative portions for ID-ing since they don’t always flower. But I guess I can take it slowly. Moreover, taking pictures of their inflorescences satisfy my thirst for macro photography. This is the inflorescence of the Seashore Centipede Grass, Ischaemum muticum.

There were lots of these sedges popping out from the carpark in NUS. CK said that they look like Fimbristylis sp. Not sure about their exact species though. There were some insects on the spikelets. I wonder if they are pollinators of these plants.

Here is a wasp with a big head on the sedge.

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