Sunday, May 24, 2009

My first hawk month

Seems like whatever blog that I started had grown stagnant and died somehow. Except for this one even though I still do neglect it now and then. Thus, I decided to transfer some of my posts over to here about some of the moths that my friends and I took. Many of the IDs were not possible without the help of Dr Roger Kendrick, Ryan Brooks and many others, besides the few moth ID books in my possession.

Pergesa acteus
Location: NUS
Pergesa acteus
Sphingidae, Macroglossinae

Pergesa acteus
I still recalled about 8 months back how ecstatic I was when I saw it clinging right at the entrance of Raffles Museum. It was my first sighting of a live hawkmoth! Ah well, many others might just shrug this off but it really made my day seeing this awesome raptor-like moth. Somehow, this reminds me to be careful not to do this to others next time as such a dull acknowledgement might just dampen what can be their future passion.

More information here.

Taken with the help of Tinghui's DSLR

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