Friday, May 29, 2009


Moths are pretty, sleek and cool. This is just my personal opinion. In fact, I know quite a few who are terrified of them. It is hard to imagine why people feel this way. Adult moths are practically harmless, with the exception of some who might be allegric to their scales which cover the body and wings. Their mouth parts are just coiled up proboscises for sucking or primitive tiny jaws or none at all.

But well, the definition of phobia means irrational fear. Just like how I am terrified of cockroaches. And there is actually a term for the fear of moths, Mottephobia!

Location: NUS
Ambulyx moorei
Sphingidae, Smerinthinae

On the hand of my lovely mentor in marine bio lab, Angie.

1 comment:

koksheng said...

yup i have mottephobia! :P

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