Saturday, June 7, 2008


Woa, Dolphins again! Hehe, spotted by me once more. Today was a Semakau walk with Jurongville Sec and we were taking the big ferry. About half of us were sitting at the roof when I saw a big dorsal fin went up, Dolphin! I shouted :) We saw about 3 grey dolphins swimming in the opposite direction. I went down to call the rest up to see, but they were all gone by the time. That was when I remembered I got my x12 zoom camera with me. Alamak... Forgot to take a record of this sighting... Pity pity. Later, heard from one of the teachers that there were a total of 5 dolphins.

Wild dolphins are frequently sighted in Singapore. Our waters are full of life!

Jurongville Sec

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Anonymous said...

wah so lucky!! :)

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