Sunday, May 25, 2008

Semakau Guiding 24-25th May

Its been a very long time since I blogged about any of my guiding trips because I'm always so engrossed in talking and becos my camera is so damn bulky! As a result I had such few photos to talk about. Will buy a new one soon after getting my first pay.

Anyway, this post is for my participants, since they are among the most cooperative, fun-loving and environmentally friendly group I had guided for some time.

Pinyi Sec huddling together during the early morning ride to Semakau. A pity I couldn't get a group photo for this school as my camera batteries die on me soon.

As these walks are all in the morning, there wasn't anyone to drive us to the intertidal zone. We had to walked through the rock bund which the surrounded the island, which is also the only remaining landfill in Singapore. My second group from Tampines Sec marching in the scorching morning sun.

Posing at the tape seagrass lagoon. A single dead trail was created through this huge seagrass lagoon to minimise trampling impacts on our intertidal organisms.

One interesting creature R found was this curious-looking sea anemone. The tentacles were the brownish parts which were retracted. What kind of anemone is this? Apparently, R had seen a similar one previously at Changi. Are these anemones free-living?

And back on the return trip, the gals continued to slp, while others can't resist the chance to make some funny gestures on their friends.

Back on MS jetty, many pretty needlefishes were swimming around.

A short posting~ but I promise ll cover more once I'm armed with my new camera.

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