Thursday, February 28, 2008

Last Dive before Exams!

This is possibly one of my last dive in the lab, at least before the exams. This is the first time I actually had an UW camera where I can snap all I want! O... how regretful I am for missing all those chances.

Took abit of tweaking in Photoshop, but obviously I'm still not good at it. The colors underwater are mostly green and blue, since they are the shortest wavelengths in the visible light spectrum and thus can travel further into the water column. Yes, this picture is taken in Singapore!

For those who think our waters are devoid of life, they are soo wrong. True, its rather turbid due to high sedimentation because of our country's endless pursue in increasing land area, but still life goes on underwater.

Picture perfect clownfishes. There are three on this sea anemone.

Sea Urchin. Divers beware! It can even penetrate through our wetsuits!

Copperband butterflyfish sucking on coral polyps?

A featherstar, resting on a boulder coral. They come in all sorts of beautiful colors, purple, yellow, green, red etc etc... I wonder if they represent different species or just a color variation.

This Giant Clam, Tridacna squamosa about half a metre, opened its mantle to photosynthsize.

I will even miss Lionel's resident filefish, which nibbled on my finger twice and the territorial damselfishes that pulled my hair. :)

Pictures by me and lionel


tai haku said...

Nice blog - did you take these at Hantu? I took my first underwater shots there 4 1/2 years ago and I think they were almost exactly the same subjects.

SY said...

Thanks for ur comments! But oops, I'm sorry I have to keep mum about this due to the fact that I put the threatened giant clam in the entry. Dun wana give pple a location to harvest them. :)

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