Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flower picking

Woke up early on Sat morning, (ok, maybe 9am is not early to some ;p) so decided to go cycle around the neighbourhood. Took my camera along in hope that I can get some nice pictures along Sungei Serangoon.

Indeed I wasn't disappointed, many birds are up early too, saw the little egrets, sandpipers, purple herons, great herons etc. Many others, I'm sure, are hiding somewhere from my view.

Got a great view of the Grey Heron perching on a small tree, preening itself in the sun. Somehow, for no reason, at least to me, it started to flapped it wings about...

And start harvesting those morning glory flowers around it! lol, is it for a special someone?

Heres one in its mouth.

And another. I wonder why its doing it. It appears to be getting rid of those flowers. Any suggestions?

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