Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jellyfish frenzy

So tired after the Semakau trip, but I was still eager to do a part II to Punggol after my mistake of identifying Coney island wrongly. Gotten my bike already so it was a breeze to reach Punggol. But getting to view the island was harder, since there wasnt any roads leading in, just trails made by contruction vehicles. Was lucky to find the right trail after just one dead end.

Coney island (left) aka Pulau Serangoon is unhabitated still, at least from my view. Seems like this place is a secret hideout for fishermen too. The island was just about a 100m away from mainland. I was having this idea of snorkelling there sometime when I change my mind after looking down in the water.
Hey, its a jellyfish! haa...I was complaining to Ron they all that till now I have never seen an outside down jellyfish but now this is a good substitution :p

I stared in amazement after getting my focus, omg, there are so many of them in the water! Must be hundreds if not thousands. Omy, is this some seasonal thing or cos the water here is favorable for them? Well, I be back again mayb a week later to check out again.

Update >> thanx to Jeff, got a possible ID of the jellyfish, Rhizostoma octopus.


Jeffrey said...

I've seen these jellyfish (I think they are called Rhizostoma octopus) in large numbers, usually at the end of the year, around the West Johore Strait. Large ones, the size of a basketball. I've also seen them in swarms on beaches in the Philippines. Supposed to be "stingless", but some people are allergic to them anyway.

Siyang said...

Wow thanx for the ID and information!

KC said...

Just saw these jellyfish last week, was walking along the serangoon river near the chinese temple. They have swam quite far in. Saw some people water skiing, hope they didn't come into contact with it.

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